Our Tribe

Our tribe consists of five members - varying in personality, but equal in their amounts of weird. Below is everything you need to know, since I know that code names are annoying. Sorry. Not really.

Hubster is the chief. He works hard, eats a lot of corn dogs, and can fix anything. He's awesome at making me laugh, and I know in my heart there is nobody out there who would match my weird as well as he does. No matter where our life is headed, I am content if he's by my side. Seriously, we could be hobos under a bridge, and as long as he was next to me, I'd be cool with it.

So, we all know I put Hubster as the chief, and we all know that was a courtesy since mama's mood rules the roost. (Whoops - just mixed up family comparisons there...) I have the annoying tendency to go above and beyond whatever is expected, but I add in a healthy dose of "meh" on occasion to spice things up. I use humor to try to get through life, and I'm much better at expressing myself through writing than in person.

Boy Wonder (age 5) is our wonderful, freaky-intelligent oddball. A conversation with him is pretty similar to one with a 30-year-old on their third pot of coffee. He is in advanced everything in school, and he's constantly making observations to the world around him, with memorable quotes at every turn.

Sparkles (age 2) is our little fireball. She screamed and cried for the first year of her life, but that gave way to a dynamic and adorable personality. She's super shy and timid around strangers, but she lets loose like a fury around those she knows and loves. She's like her mama; people think she's quiet and sweet, but those whom she loves are privilege to the real fun.

Sunshine (age 1) is our peacekeeper. She barely lets out a peep unless she's tired or stuck. She's ready to battle with her older siblings though, even if she has that manic grin on her face the whole time. She sleeps like a newborn, she's about the size of a newborn still, and we always joke that we're going to let people think she's younger than she really is so we can claim she's a super-genius. "Look at that 9-month-old walking to school!" Yup.


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