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Don't post that! Boudoir issues

I'm sure there are a lot of "experts" out there who have a better-polished and better-researched thesis than the opinionated ramblings I'm about to write, but I feel like getting this out - if for no other reason than to make a promise to myself as the mother of young girls (and a young boy, for that matter).

I often feel torn posting pictures of boudoir sessions on my public photography page when I know many people are somewhat-to-very offended by nudity. In the past I've lost page likes and deleted numerous comments ranging from elderly women insinuating we're all sinners to very nasty bashing. I hesitate booking outside locations because I know some people would NEVER feel comfortable allowing such debauchery to be taking place inside their establishment (although I do have to say the businesses I dealt with were very open-minded and gracious).

At the same time, I enjoy boudoir photography the most. Not because I'm a perv getting off on pictures of my …

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