35 weeks - expecting a healthy labor and delivery!

We went in for another ultrasound today - when I go in again in 2 weeks, baby will be full-term! :)

Everyone seemed to agree that the mass was the same size as last time - in other words, small. Still there, but not as large as it once was.

Our patient's advocate wasn't there, but the another one who has met with us in the past decided to cancel our meeting with neonatology, because there seems to be almost no concern that baby will need to be in the NICU after birth!

Once you understand that your baby could in the NICU after birth, you kind of accustom yourself to it. Not that it's an easy process, but the medical staff and your understanding of the problem steady your nerves, and it becomes another part of the "new normal".

Then, once you realize that baby will be with you following birth, and that they shouldn't need any special care, it's like a whole new day. I didn't realize how much it weighed on me to think that baby could be in a different unit until I was told that more than likely wasn't going to happen! Baby will (should) be with us following birth, and that makes me feel so much better about delivery in general. While we still have something to deal with, and we'll still be consulting with pediatric surgery, our first days should be as close to normal as possible.

I'm still expected to deliver in Milwaukee so baby can be evaluated, but I was also told that if we feel we might not make it to Milwaukee, I could go to our regular hospital and it shouldn't cause any lasting harm.

Which brings me to my next subject - The Hubster is almost a lunatic when it comes to me being in labor. He had a lengthy (albeit hilarious) conversation with the perinatologist about how quickly labor progresses, tried to have me admitted to the hospital now, and told me I'm not allowed to lift anything in case the baby "just falls out".

He's a crazy one!

He should be glad everyone and their mother wants to check on my cervix regularly from here on out to see how things are going. Nothing makes you want labor to come on quickly like having that done over and over again! Just another reason everyone should thank their mother!

Next update will be one about a full-term baby! :)


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