Belated full-term update

I reached full-term last week, and had another ultrasound. I forgot to post because there really isn't much that's new. And that's awesome.

I'm not even sure they measured baby at the ultrasound. They did a test in which baby had to have a certain amount of movements and do practice breathing within a half hour period. Baby passed pretty quickly. It's kind of surprising how little you can see of baby in the late stages. Here I was thinking we'd get a pretty good idea of what baby looks like at this point, but they're so smooshed in there that you can't really discern much. We did see that baby has hair, which is kind of exciting (and explains some of this wicked heartburn). We also got a picture that frightens me a little. See that face up there? If you do, doesn't it look pretty chunky? All of the kids have had cheeks on them, but that one has me worried about some behemoth baby in there. Like I said, we got no estimates on size, so we won't really know until the end. All the same, looking at that picture reminds me that baby has to come out. Woof.

The plan is the same - first sign of labor we are to go to Milwaukee. If we feel like there is no way we'll make it without a roadside delivery, we can go to our regular hospital and everything should be fine. No matter what, baby will have to be evaluated after birth, but there should be no life-threatening issues that will put baby in harm. We had a tour of the delivery and recovery room, as well as all of the nurseries (including NICU). I'm a little less nervous seeing the rooms and where we'll be. Something about giving birth in practically the same room three times in a row and then facing a whole different scenario makes you feel like a first-time mom all over again. But everything looks pretty much the same, so I feel a lot better. Visiting NICU was hard, and it took everything in me to not well up with tears, especially seeing how it affected the Hubster. Even though we know baby most likely won't be in NICU, it's still really hard to see such tiny little babies hooked up to so much machinery, and the amazing staff looking over them with such care. Just a lot of emotions running through you all at once.

I'm at the stage where I have about three shirts and two bottoms that fit without being offensive, it hurts to move, it feels like baby is clawing its way out, and I'm pretty sure I'll be getting more sleep with a newborn than I am now. But I really can't complain. This has been the fastest pregnancy by far. And over all, I've felt pretty decent. I've been taking better care of myself knowing that being pregnant in the summer and chasing after three kids would be hard, and it's made quite the difference. I still wish about 5 times a day that today would be the day, but I will totally make it another two weeks or so if it turns out that way.

It's also nice knowing that we don't have to prep the kids for much besides the sex of the baby. Sparkles thinks it will be a girl, and Boy Wonder knows it's a boy. He's convinced that the universe would not allow three girls to be born in a row, leaving him the only boy. He knows there are a lot of families with all girls or just one boy, but he's holding his ground. So although it's going to be tricky trying to prep him for the possibility of being wrong, it's so much better considering the other things we might have to prep him for.

I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow with my regular OB, so we'll see where things are. My next ultrasound in Milwaukee will be at 39 weeks (a little over a week from now), but we'll pretend that baby will be here before that, so everyone just let the very pregnant lady think what she wants ;)


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