The weekly countdown has entered the single digits!

Our 31 week ultrasound brought even more reassurance that baby is on a path to being born perfectly fine and healthy!

The mass hasn't grown since our last appointment (keep in mind that a slight increase or decrease is considered "no change"), and baby is continuing to look good. For the very first time we got to see the "practice" breathing that he or she is learning right now! So crazy to see the baby "breathing" in there - we were used to the regular kicks and jabs.

They also decided that we won't be measuring growth every two weeks. Instead, they'll eyeball the mass, and do a growth check (both on the mass and the baby itself) every four weeks instead. We didn't get a measurement on baby's size this last time, but the tech told us to expect a half pound increase every week, and using that method, we'd have approximately five pounds of baby in there right now!

We are scheduled to meet with neonatology in a month, and our patient's advocate told us that there is a very real possibility baby won't even need to be in the NICU after birth - which is really exciting. Again, this is one of those things we'll know following birth and seeing how baby's breathing is. At any rate, it looks like this isn't going to be an urgent scenario, and we're kind of taking everything in stride.

I'd like for Boy Wonder and Sparkles to come with to an appointment at some point in the future to see their little brother or sister. (Sunshine won't get it, so I think she'll sit it out). They're getting excited for baby, and it would be pretty cool for them to see it up on the screen.

I've been going over how and when I'll tell the kids about baby's condition. It feels like less of an overwhelming task now that we have a little more stability and foresight, and we can pretty much reassure them that baby will be ok. I'm holding off on saying anything just yet, because I know that Boy Wonder especially will analyze it to death and I'm not sure I want to go down that path with more than two months left to go.

Sparkles is facing her own set of scariness next week. She's having her tonsils and adenoids removed. While I know this is a very common procedure, and am pretty excited to have her NOT choking from coughing so hard, I am nervous about her mood following surgery. She's in "big girl" mode. "Look at me! I'm a big girl!" and nothing gives her more of a kick than doing something brave. I'll be giving her a little insight to her upcoming surgery - nothing technical, and nothing to scare her, but enough to give her the idea that she might not feel very good following the surgery. I think right now I'm more nervous about this than baby!

With all of the appointments coming up (averaging two a week, with three this week all for separate things) and end of school things for Boy Wonder, I am wondering if we'll have a chance to catch our breath before baby gets here. Part of me is really grateful for the distractions, since time is about to get reaaaaally slow in the last couple of weeks.  And it will be nice to have a healthy Sparkles as well!

This is by far the fastest pregnancy I've had... even if it was one of the scariest! It's unreal the amount of change you can go through in a relatively short amount of time.


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