At home workouts that are awesome and FREE

Quick - what is the most common New Year's resolution?

Ding ding ding!! You got it! Lose weight, get in shape, fit in those damn jeans without looking like some sort of deli item, be that smokin' hot babe you always knew you could be!

No, I didn't look that up to see if it's actually the most common, but let's move on.

A couple of months after baby #3 I came across a couple of fitness sites on Pinterest. A lot of them were the same bullshit: drink lots of water, do lunges, do stretches. I passed them up. But this caught my interest right away.

Click here to go to

Ok, clearly, they have a lot of risque snapshots that make you think, "I want to be that hot!"

Yes, they're all hot. But they're also fun, and motivational. And! And, and and...

You can do these workouts at home... for free.

For free! At home! My socially awkward flabby ass rejoiced at that.

I'm not going to lie - these people are insanely fit. The workouts move fast. They take more than a couple of minutes to learn. My favorite workout took me a good three days to actually get down. You know why I don't care? Because it took 12 freaking minutes to do from start to end. And I was sweating like I had just run for 45 minutes. 12 minutes! At home! For free!

It was enough for me to lose 30 lbs in a month or two. Better than the weight loss was I felt like a freaking champ. I was in shape, not just thin. 

This is my favorite workout. It was the first one I stumbled across: The Feel Good Workout. And you do feel good afterwards. I didn't buy any of the extra equipment they mentioned, but I'm sure it would be a good idea to have. At any rate, I made it work, and it's still my go-to workout when I only have 15 minutes to squeeze in a hardcore session.

So, if you're like me, and you just don't have that hour a day to bust your ass, and you hate the idea of going to a gym and waiting to use any of the machines, and you don't want to blow money on all those Insanity/PS3/whatever workout videos everyone is doing, go to this site. You will not be disappointed. And the gratuitous body shots of all the instructors are certainly motivation.

You're welcome.

xoxo Rosie


  1. "Free" is right up my alley. As is "at home", since "at home" is part of my current title. I will check this out, when I get braver and less lazy...I like the directness of your writing and blog. Following back (how exciting to be your first follower on blogger!)

  2. Thanks for the add Rachel!! Don't let the ridiculous physiques of the instructors scare you - the workouts are so worth it and you'll feel like a superhero when you're done!


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