Kids party hard - moms blog hard

Despite being woken up at midnight to join in on the festivities (namely extremely scary firecrackers Hubster wired together), the kids decided they would wake up at the crack of dawn. This didn't bother us, since they're pretty good about going downstairs quietly and putting in a movie until we can drag our groggy butts out of bed and feed them.

Two minutes later, "Party Rock Anthem" comes blasting up the stairs, and Sparkle's voice is heard saying, "Shake that!"

Nothing like small kids continuing the party at 7 am. 

I partied like a rock star today and got my blog up and running. Maybe I'll spend some more time on it, and maybe I'll work on getting some followers so I'm not sitting here talking to myself.

Which really isn't different than the norm... except that typing it out on a polished interface feels somewhat more crazy.

Happy 2013!

xoxo Rosie


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